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Journey with Love

Manifesting Your Dreams Through Loving More

by Viktoria Seavey

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Learning about who you are and becoming the person you truly want to be is a lifelong journey. I believe that we were born to love and to always find new ways to express and reflect that love. 

Loving, accepting, and appreciating yourself is an extraordinary journey. In summary, journeying with love offers the adventures and the opportunities you have been dreaming of.

In this book, I guide you through ten steps that lead you to a more meaningful and more fulfilling connection with yourself and others. It is presented as a journal to encourage you to take notes of your thoughts, feelings, insights, and ideas.

My intention with this book is to offer an opportunity for you to strengthen your connection with your heart and with love on all levels, and to help you be freer and lighter as you move through life. As you practice and internalize the simple steps laid out here, you will understand how love can be the key to living the life you want.

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Journey with Love
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